Why I did Model Week

First of all, I’ll admit that although I’m told I’m a good-looking woman, I don’t feel I correspond to “model” criteria: my short height don’t make me an ideal candidate for modelling, and I’m no match for these fashion icons.
Regardless, all girls are allowed to dream, hope, try, and even succeed in this world. Sienna Miller and Kate Moss aren’t that tall. Tara Lynn has had a strong influence on trends despite her curves. It’s up to us girls to be assertive! Let’s be bold and beautiful! Model Week is here to give us this chance and help us feel beautiful and unique and why not, fulfil our dreams during this magical week.

Alexandra, 32, bank consultant

Why I wanted to do Model Week

I’ve never dreamt of becoming a model. Of course it’s tempting and if at the end of this week I’d been offered a modelling contract, I wouldn’t have refused! But I wanted to do Model Week for fun, because regarding fun, it’s the absolute best!
Having a great time in Barcelona with the other girls, diving from the boat with a glass of bubbly, flying over the beach in a helicopter, sipping a cocktail beside the pool on the roof of a luxury hotel, going shopping with Nieves Mallor… And then there’s all the rest: amazing memories, perfect photos, parties, the feeling of being a star, massages, the beach… What else?!

Laura, 20, marketing student

Why I dreamt to do Model Week

I’ve always loved fashion: seeing these amazing models on the catwalk, discovering the new trends, admiring the most beautiful photos and daydreaming about these fashion icons. That’s why I wanted to do Model Week, to discover this world I was so curious about. My dream isn’t to become a model, in fact my looks don’t really fit in to this, but to meet all these professionals, real international models and to have a glimpse of their life and secrets during a luxury week (and all the fun which comes with it), yes, that was my dream!

Kate, 26, marketing assistant

Why I decided to do Model Week

Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamt of becoming a model. I know lots of young girls dream about this, but I really believe it’s my destiny. I’m a pretty girl, slim, with nice facial features, and I’m sure I can become a model! But I know it’s an environment where true professionals are rare, and high-quality agencies are difficult to approach.
That’s why Model Week was perfect for me! First, my parents were reassured to know I was in the hands of professionals, that I was with other girls, and that they know where and who I’m with. Secondly, it was a first step into the modelling world; being in contact with well-known models, renowned agencies, real photographers, and finding out more about the job through them… And the Model Week team dealt with everything afterwards; they contacted reputed agencies in my country, recommended me, and sent my portfolio. It’s exactly what I needed to start my career.

Emilie, 18, hairdressing student

Why I was lucky enough to do Model Week

I had already heard about Model Week but I’d never have thought I’d be lucky enough to live this experience. But I have great friends you see! Model Week was my wedding present from them, and they all came with me! 8 girls and the Model Week booked just for us, it was amazing, we really lived like stars for one week! Undoubtedly the best holiday between friends I’ve ever had. A big thank you to my friends and the Model Week team for this holiday I will never forget.

Amanda, 31, retailer