Photo shoots, fitness sessions, fun experiences, parties and, yes, some free time too! We have prepared a balanced programme so you can make the most of your week, alternating between intense activities and relaxing moments
Please note that the following programme is given on an indicative basis and that the order of the week’s activities can slightly change according to various factors (weather conditions, etc.)

  • Afternoon | Check-in & Welcome Cocktail

    A chauffeur will drive you from Barcelona airport (BCN) to the hotel. After having accessed your room, the Model Week team will welcome you around the hotel pool for a welcome cocktail and a presentation of your stay.
    After a private interview with Nieves Mallor to prepare the morrow’s shopping session, you can discover the hotel and its surroundings during the evening.


    • Transfer from Barcelona airport (BCN) on demand (included)
    • Check-in from 3 p.m.
    • Welcome Cocktail

  • Morning Shopping Session with Nieves Mallor
    Afternoon Image Consulting
    Evening Free

    One day to prepare the rest of the week’s events. Whether you want to renew your wardrobe or simply buy one or two outfits for the photo shoots, a personal shopper, who is also a renowned model, will accompany during your shopping session in Barcelona’s best boutiques. In the afternoon, a self-image specialist will organize an agreeable and enlightening session.

    Morning | Shopping session with Nieves Mallor

    Nieves Mallor, an international model (Chanel, Loewe, Chloé, etc.) will accompany you during a shopping/makeover session in the streets of Barcelona. She will show you around models’ favourite shops (for all budgets) and will give you advice for your purchases.


    • Half-day’s shopping/makeover in small group
    • International model
    • Circuit interspersed with luxury shops and local designer boutiques / vintage boutiques

    Afternoon | Image Consulting

    “How does the way you perceive your own looks impact your behaviour in society?”
    In an agreeable and fun way, you will learn about yourself during an intense and enlightening session with an image and behaviour specialist, which will also help the participants to get to know each other better.


    • 2h30
    • Session will take place in hotel
    • Small groups (5 or 6 people maximum)
  • Morning Free
    Afternoon Photo shoot on luxury boat
    Evening Meeting with models & Tapas evening meal

    First photo shoot on a boat! During this cruise, you will get used to the photographer’s lens without the pressure and perfect your tan for the rest of the week! In the evening, dinner in an excellent tapas restaurant with several renowned models will be the finishing touch of this unforgettable day.

    Afternoon | Photo shoot on a boat

    On a luxury catamaran off the coast of Barcelona, you will alternate photo shoots, sunbathing, & swimming sessions in the warm Mediterranean waters, all this livened up with champagne and nibbles. You will be accompanied by a professional photographer, who will ensure your looks are showcased for the superb photos of this unforgettable moment.


    • Four-hour sea cruise on a catamaran with a professional skipper
    • Picnic basket & Champagne
    • Professional photographer
    • Music, swimming, and sunbathing

    Evening | Meeting with models & Tapas meal

    Tapas bars are a Spanish speciality and a true hotspot in the heart of the Catalan capital. With these regional specialities and in the company of fashion professionals, you will make the most of this relaxing moment to learn more about models and savour the Iberian culinary delights.


    • Complete menu (starter, main course, dessert & one drink)
    • Top-quality restaurant.
  • Morning Fitness session with personal trainer
    Afternoon Helicopter Flight
    Soirée Meeting with bookers

    A multi-faceted day, starting in an intense way with a renowned fitness specialist, and continuing in a more relaxing way in the afternoon, at the beach, or around the pool…
    At the end of the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to see Barcelona from above during what could be your first helicopter flight, and certainly one of the most intense moments of your week!
    In the evening, a relaxing moment around a cocktail with fashion professionals, an ideal time to find out more about this world which can seem so inaccessible!

    Morning | Session with professional fitness specialist

    As well as a balanced diet, models are very often trained by professional fitness specialists who guide them during their physical activities. With the fitness specialist Maria Beri you will experience a complete reshaping session in an exceptional environment. She will also give you tips and recommendations to keep your body toned, so this session will have long-term effects.


    • One-hour outdoors session (if weather permits)
    • Renowned fitness specialist
    • Activity adapted to your needs and capabilities

    Afternoon | Helicopter flight

    Fly over the beaches of Barcelona for a few minutes during a helicopter flight with intense sensations.


    • Flight above Barcelona
    • Helicopter can transport up to 6 passengers
    • Transport to and from the heliport included

    Evening | Meeting with professionals

    Around a cocktail, you will have the opportunity to meet renowned models, bookers, and model agency directors during this informal meeting. Whether you are simply curious or truly interested in a career as a model, these professionals will share anecdotes with you, answer your questions about the profession and give you advice if you wish!


    • Drinks on the hotel terrace
    • Cocktail offered
  • Morning Free
    Afternoon Studio Photo shoot
    Evening Restaurant & Clubbing

    The focal point of a model’s job. Taken care of by professional makeup artists and a fashion photographer, you will be the model during a studio photo shoot. At the end of this day, you will be invited to a party in one of the most reputed clubs of the city.

    Afternoon | Studio Photo shoot

    A makeup artist specialized in modelling will take care of you during your photo shoot session. He will enhance your looks and give you a few tips for perfect makeup. Next you will enter the studio, where the photographer will help make you feel comfortable and showcase your best features, so you receive professional quality photos. The photographer will adapt to your wishes – in fact you will have several opportunities to have photos taken, so you can try different outfits and styles.


    • Photo shoot in a professional studio
    • Fashion photographer
    • Makeup artist and professional products
    • Style advice
    • Several photo shoots with different outfits
    • Photos alone and/or with other models

    Evening | Restaurant & Clubbing

    You will enjoy an evening meal on the terrace of a seafront restaurant, before continuing the evening in one of the most renowned clubs of Barcelona, located at the foot of the hotel. Bottles will be brought to the table in the VIP area reserved by Model Week for you…


    • Evening meal in a trendy seafront restaurant
    • Evening in a night club – VIP section
    • Entry tickets and bottles included
  • Morning Spa & Massage
    Afternoon Outdoor photo shoot
    Evening Evening meal and evening on the seafront

    After the eve’s partying, a relaxing session in a reputed thermal establishment will be welcome!
    Your photographer will join you at the hotel after lunch for a photo shoot session on the beach and in the streets of Barcelona. If you haven’t already done it earlier in the week, it will also be the opportunity to discover the centre of Barcelona in a most agreeable way!
    To finish the week, you will be invited to dinner in a beachside restaurant near the hotel. The rest of the evening is free if ever you want to continue partying until the end of the night…

    Morning | Spa & Massage

    The sauna, the Turkish bath, or the heated swimming-pool of this relaxation temple will envelop you in a cocoon of wellbeing and peace. The cold swimming-pool and the thousand-jet bath will give you the necessary energy to resume your visits of this dream city with renewed intensity. To finish off, you will indulge in a complete massage with essential oils


    • Session in one of the most reputed establishments in Barcelona
    • 90 minute complete thermal circuit
    • Professional massage
    • Bathrobe, towel, and swimming cap included

    Afternoon | Outdoor photo shoot

    You will be accompanied by a fashion photographer in the most beautiful landmarks of Barcelona, who will showcase your outfits in harmony with the scenery. The ultimate experience of a professional model, and a lifelong memory of your week in the magnificent town of Barcelona.


    • 4-hour photo shoot
    • Beach, town, and park
    • Renowned professional photographer
    • Individual and group photos

    Evening | Evening meal and party on the beachside

    After a short stop at the hotel, you will be invited to a seafront restaurant, where you will enjoy a dinner with the rest of the group. Those who still have the energy to can continue the evening on the beach or until the end of the night in one of the clubs located at the foot of the hotel.


    • Complete menu (starter, main course, dessert, & one drink)
    • Beachside restaurant near the hotel
  • Morning | Feedback & Departure

    Everything has an end. During this last Model Week day, you will enjoy your last morning on the beach of Barcelona, before joining the team at the hotel to share feedback on your week. Share your impressions, see some of the photos taken during the stay, this shared moment will also include individual “interviews” for those who want to receive advice from professionals for a career in the fashion world.